Fishing Regulations

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2022 Fishing Regulations

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Camp Anjigami - Zone 10 Seasons and Limits

Walleye 4 2 Open May 21 (3rd Sat) to December 31
only one greater than 46 cm (18.1 inch)
Northern Pike 6 2 Open all year
Sport: Not more than two greater than 61 cm (24 inch) of which not
more than one is greater than 86 cm (33.9 inch)
Conservation: only one greater than 61 cm (24 inch) and none
greater than 86 cm (33.9 inch) in length
Trout 5 2 Open January 1 to September 30
Lake Trout 2 1 Open January 1 to September 5 (Labour Day)
Sport: Not more than one greater than 40 cm (15.7 inch)
Exceptions: Flagg, Gould and Tikamaganda lakes are open
May 21 to September 5 (Labour Day)
NOTE: Live fish, i.e. minnows, may not be used as bait or possessed for          use as bait in Half Mile, Mile and Ogas lakes.

The catch limit is the number of fish you are allowed to catch and keep in one day and includes fish that are retained for any period of time
and any fish eaten or given away.
The possession limit is the number you are allowed to have in your possession on hand, in cold storage, in transit, or anywhere. Possession
limits are the same as one day’s catch limit except where otherwise specified.
If you catch a fish after reaching the daily catch or possession limit for that species, the fish must be released immediately back to the water
Please Note: Non-resident anglers must purchase a temporary non-Canadian resident fishing Outdoors Card and application
at a cost of $8.57 CDN. Anglers can purchase the respective fishing license at the same time the Outdoors Card application is purchased.
The fishing license and the temporary Outdoors Card must be in the angler’s possession while fishing in Ontario.
The application for the Outdoors Card will be processed and ultimately mailed to the address noted on the application form. The

Outdoors Card
The outdoors card is good for three years, counting the year it was purchased.
You may renew your Outdoors Card and also purchase fishing license through the MNR Outdoors Card website by clicking:
Fishing License Fees in Canadian Funds
Canadian Outdoors Card    $ 8.57        8-day Sport $53.38
Seasonal Sport    $81.69                      8-day Conservation $31.02
Seasonal Conservation    $51.71        1-day Sport* $24.36*
*Outdoors Card not required with the One Day Sport license