Logging Road

Stay on the “main” road, going across the first railroad tracks and then another railroad tracks shortly after crossing the first tracks.
At the first fork on the road (with a pole with various cottagers’ name), go straight to continue on to our camp. Note you will pass the electrical transfer station on your right.
At the second fork on the road, stay to your right and go over a wooden bridge shortly thereafter.

At the third fork on the road—keep right.

Go through the orange gate. At this point, you are less than 3 miles from our camp.

At a little over a mile from the orange gate, you will see a large “Anjigami Lake Lodge” sign and a small “Camp Anjigami” sign. Follow the Camp Anjigami sign by turning left. Anjigami Lake Lodge is not an outfitter and belongs to a cottager.

Continue down the “main road” until it ends at our destination.

Camp Anjigami is comprised of cabin facilities on Anjigami Lake, four remote fly-in and one semi-remote outpost camps nestled in the heart of the Canadian wilderness.